Stream of consciousness

Stream of Consciousness created after my father’s passing— when creating this I also thought of my time as a choreographer and what happens to the brain during the creative process– for me so much goes on and I wanted to do something that brought a sense of mystery and whimsy.

when writing this new story of a girl who needs to be trained to pass 4 tests so that she can release her father and mother to become the sun and the moon–I think of this work and what it entails to muddle through your stream of consciousness to get to the actual work.

Tomorrow I will add more of the story with my Tea and Writing time…until then hope you find this dance work interesting


Tea and writing

Now, John and Lorcan enjoy coffee while writing. I used to until I got into teas. My favorite of the day is Cardamom tea. Add between 4-5 cardamom seeds, stick of cinnamon, some fresh ginger, 4-5 pepper corns, and 4-5 cloves. This alone will taste great but I like to add a black tea bag such as Earl Grey. Pour about 2 1/2 cups of water and steep for 30 minutes. I have done this so often that I kind of improvise now how much of each ingredient I put in. I have tried it with dry ingrients when I didn’t have fresh ginger or cinnamon stick and well it was ok but fresh ginger really makes it!

The tea right next to me I am ready to write. Though this blog is generally about John’s work I have begun a fairy tale. Not sure yet if it is going to be YA or more adult but it is inspired by my love of Anime! As I sip my cardamom tea the taste helps me with developing the scenes—like how whiskey or bourbon has helped many a writer for me it is tea. Though whiskey sometimes, especially at night, is kind of nice. So here is how my story, which I am titling Ashita No Ji: Land of Tomorrow

Temporarily mystified Clara stood still to gather her senses. What she just experienced could not have happened? At least, so she thought. No, absoluteimagely not! Clara took a deep breath and said, “That’s it.” She then gathered the ancient Japanese Ink Calligraphy pen and the sheets of rice paper that were given to her from her mother’s best friend, Akiko Matzuki, and put them neatly into the box. Clara then put the box back on her father’s desk. Her father, Brenainn McCoul, died over a year ago, and now her mother Amaterasu, died 6 weeks ago. She loved her parents very much and her mother always had high hopes for Clara. She would say, “Clara Mai McCoul, you will soon find out why you are so special.” Clara, though, never felt special until the moment she fell into the rice paper.

Hope you all like how I begin my tale…And now I sip more tea for inspiration perhaps next blog I will share more. Remember to check out teas! There are a great variety of teas that help in all different ways from metabolism to skin care to helping digestive system.

Till next tea time have a nice day.

Aahh Summer….


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  • Hot Jazz & Cold Bodies in NOLA — vampires, detectives, New Orleans heat…Oh My!
  • Murder In Cheyenne- Pinkertons, vigilance group, and hangings
  • also please consider : Bene Lumen Chronicles!!!!

Over the Summer John is working on “The Parting Glass” is a P.I. Story set in Boston 1980’s

Detective plot stories have always fit John’s style of writing. Though I haven’t read it yet I am sure it is made up of fast and snappy dialogue and since it is set in the town he grew up in the language will have a real sense to it. Meaning the rhythm and nuance of people, place, situation, and/or even energy will be genuine. I love his detective stories as a matter of fact The Bene Lumen Chronicles was a bit of a departure for John, but even in the story there lies mystery and intrigue reminiscent of his detective stories. He does love to bring in supernatural occurrences as they intensify the plot as well as gives the reader a great way to emotionally involve themselves with fantastic characters who are powerful, fearless, and magical and at the same time vulnerable, skeptical, and sensitive.

One last thing I hope to put on Kindle soon is a story he had written a while back but is revising set in the gilded age New York—this is action pact with supernatural scenes, hallucinations set by drinking absinthe, secret societies, and the backdrop of New York City in the 1880’s.

Both John and Lorcan (our son) are keeping themselves busy with writing this summer! And even I just completed revisions for my dance textbook. Now if I can only lose 10 more pounds I will have had a Summer success!

Writing, Hah, what is it good for?…..

Ok, so I begin by saying it has been quite a while since I last blogged. Honestly, The Bene Lumen Chronicles ain’t doin’ so well. Very discouraged. But, John always pops up and decides to move on and develop another story. He is currently working on a story set in Boston in the 80’s. He is heading back to his roots, as he was born and raised in Southie and knows the feel, smells, and way of talking that is so part of his skin. Hope to get some pages of this new work to you all in a few months.

Our son Lorcan is working on a screenplay. He too is a writer (God help him), and John and Lorcan spend countless hours discussing the art of the word. Both have a lyrical style. Lorcan’s mind drifts to how the work should be filmed – – definitely want to be a filmaker, but begins with screenplays as a way to grasp the art.

So, I have 2 writers in the household! One could say it is a very emotional household at times. Both stay up late and talk, while I am long ago sleeping into my dancing dreams. As I see these 2 discuss, struggle with getting the right word, John’s feeling of rejection, loneliness, I ask: What is writing good for? How have writers dealt with constant rejection or not being able to write their next novel? Melville’s Moby Dick was a disaster, rejected by readers, until in 1911 he was marked as ” genius”, though he never got a chance to reap the rewards, as he was long gone. Henry Roth who wrote “Call it Sleep” didn’t have his 2nd book published till he was, I believe 90? or at least in this late 80’s – – Writing is not an easy art. I dance, it too, is not easy, BUT unlike dance where often the body tells you if you are going to succeed or not, writers can truly be all shapes, sizes, and ages to realize their full potential. And yet, it is one of the loneliest art forms that I have observed. My father was a writer. He would stay in his room for days. John gets into his quiet moods, as does Lorcan. When you accidentally ask, “Hey, how is it going?” I get either a scowl or a very eerie smile suggesting, “do not ask me at this time, step away, slowly step away…” And so I slowly step away and wait patiently till they share with me their work.

Yes, to be a spouse and mother of a writer you have to be very patient and just support them lovingly. Which reminds me…I have to finish the fettuccine!

Again, hope to provide some chapters of John’s latest work perhaps in July? – –

Until then, wishing all writers to stick with it, be yourselves, enjoy putting words together, and most of all relish every moment you have in writing your stories be it imaginary or real.

Book Contest for Independent and Self-Published Authors

This just in, I found this out from Ink Smith Publishing, Inc. who will be publishing Bene Lumen Chronicles this year, about a new Book Contest for Independent Publishing and Self-Published Authors:

LuckyCinda Book Contest

Seeking quality books/Enter 2014 Book Contest: Deadline April 1, 2014

CALIFORNIA – In an effort to promote the work of Independent and Small Press authors, LuckyCinda Publishing is proudly sponsoring its annual book contest for self-published and independently published writers. All entrants of the Third Annual International Book Contest will receive free book marketing tips, and substantial discounts for consultations with big-name authors and expert book promoters.

LuckyCinda Publishing will consider self-published and independently published work released on or after Jan. 1, 2011. Accepting both Digital and Print copies.

Entries must be in English and must be self-published or issued by an independent publishing company. Also accepting professionally edited manuscripts.

Note: Authors using Print on Demand (POD) firms like Lightning Source or CreateSpace are also eligible for the competition.

For All Independent Publishers and Self-Published Authors go to the following site:

Wishing ALL Authors a very Happy New Year


John Interview…reposting

John photo corrected John R. McCormick, Author, The Bene Lumen Chronicles: Samhain School of Ancient Knowledge

I know yet another post stating “repost” but I thought I would repost as an actual post…

The interview was first presented over the summer and begins with Samhain, but Lorcan and John get into other discussions about literature and things, but then it comes back to Samhain.

Heads up: It is about a 47 min. interview…yah, I know, but it is worth it, as you get to hear John speak about not only Samhain but the art of writing!

Hope you all enjoy it…

And tune in this weekend, as Lorcan will give a 2nd interview with John!

Trying to stay positive

When you send things off to agents or publishers there is a moment of total panic. Did I fully review it? Could I have done more edits? Did I send off a good cover letter that reveals not only the plot/summary, but saying something nice or good about my husband’s work. It is truthfully nail-biting time.

And yet…one tries to stay positive. You know get rid of those negative waves is the old adage. I am really at the point now that writing is the most horrendous art form. I see my husband painstakingly write his pages, and then I see him read (too often) a rejection letter. The worst kind are those who say nice things about his work and then tell him they just don’t see how they can sell it—bottom line, can they need to feel that they can sell your work. I get that part, I understand what the agents and publishers must go through. I get that there are hundreds of writers out there and all of them wanting to be published. And all of us trying to stay positive—there must be some great energy out there in the universe with all our positive feedback making it through the jet stream.

But in all honesty, staying positive is the best bet to staying alive with the work at hand. I know that staying positive is what helped me get through breast cancer, and I am sure it will get me through all my nerves in sending out my husband’s work.

Which reminds me, I have to send off another cover letter to another agent regarding Samhain!