Tea and writing

Now, John and Lorcan enjoy coffee while writing. I used to until I got into teas. My favorite of the day is Cardamom tea. Add between 4-5 cardamom seeds, stick of cinnamon, some fresh ginger, 4-5 pepper corns, and 4-5 cloves. This alone will taste great but I like to add a black tea bag such as Earl Grey. Pour about 2 1/2 cups of water and steep for 30 minutes. I have done this so often that I kind of improvise now how much of each ingredient I put in. I have tried it with dry ingrients when I didn’t have fresh ginger or cinnamon stick and well it was ok but fresh ginger really makes it!

The tea right next to me I am ready to write. Though this blog is generally about John’s work I have begun a fairy tale. Not sure yet if it is going to be YA or more adult but it is inspired by my love of Anime! As I sip my cardamom tea the taste helps me with developing the scenes—like how whiskey or bourbon has helped many a writer for me it is tea. Though whiskey sometimes, especially at night, is kind of nice. So here is how my story, which I am titling Ashita No Ji: Land of Tomorrow

Temporarily mystified Clara stood still to gather her senses. What she just experienced could not have happened? At least, so she thought. No, absoluteimagely not! Clara took a deep breath and said, “That’s it.” She then gathered the ancient Japanese Ink Calligraphy pen and the sheets of rice paper that were given to her from her mother’s best friend, Akiko Matzuki, and put them neatly into the box. Clara then put the box back on her father’s desk. Her father, Brenainn McCoul, died over a year ago, and now her mother Amaterasu, died 6 weeks ago. She loved her parents very much and her mother always had high hopes for Clara. She would say, “Clara Mai McCoul, you will soon find out why you are so special.” Clara, though, never felt special until the moment she fell into the rice paper.

Hope you all like how I begin my tale…And now I sip more tea for inspiration perhaps next blog I will share more. Remember to check out teas! There are a great variety of teas that help in all different ways from metabolism to skin care to helping digestive system.

Till next tea time have a nice day.