Summary of Characters and Sites


Brian: Father, Aongus Cathal, Tiarnan. Brian has a hard time with his eldest son at the beginning of the story and we see him finally realize that being part of the Bene Lumen is where he needs to be.

Siobhan: Mother, Conjurer. Fights Baal at the beginning of the story and meets a tragic death in saving her family

Kieran: Eldest Son, 16. He is star of the football team and does not want to go to Samhain. He resists at first and then begins to realize why he is at Samhain. Mallory the headmaster thinks Kieran has the makings of a new “Arthur”

Liam: Youngest Son. 12. Liam recognizes right away his gift of conjuring and shows his powers early on in the story. Sian, his teacher, thinks he has the makings of a new “Merlin”

Selena Maria Limos: Adopted daughter. 14. When she is bitten by a werewolf Brian takes the teenage girl into his family so as to protect her and train her. She goes to Samhain and right away feels safe with Kieran.



Mallory Fergus: Head Master. His history goes back close to 2000 years. He was a warrior turned Aongus Cathal for the Bene Lumen.

Boris Diaghilev: Heads the Cathal program and trains all Tiarnan candidates. At first gives Kieran and Talbot a hard time, but then realizes Kieran does indeed have the makings of Tiarnan.

Rabbi Jacob Justiz: Teaches about demonology and Illluminatii.

Father Michael Mueller: Catholic Priest, Head of Sybil House, learned demonologist, seer, and prophet. Teaches

Graham Stonefeather: Shaman and spiritual guide of the astral planes.

Brother Tadhag  Zheng: Taoist Monk, teacher of the “undead”

Master “Maol” M’Tenga: Takes care of placing students in their proper house and has enchanting skills and knowledge of the spirit world

Sian Boru: Deputy Head Mistress, Senior Druid Priestess and powerful Triune Conjurer. She only takes the best students for private tutoring of whom Liam is one.

Donavan Talbot: Trains  the Ardal Cathal. Special/private trainer for Kieran helping him train for end of the year test so as to specifically train for Aongus Cathal. Former student of Diaghilev.

Thomas Hollingsworth: 3rd year student that Liam faces in the Conjurer’s Maze. He dies, but Liam finds his soul and become attached to Liam so that Thomas can have more freedom as a ghost. He helps Liam in the fight with the illuminatii.

Diarmund O’CuChulainn: Head of Morgana House and Druid Priest.

Master Nagura Hideki: Head of Tamo House, a master samurai and Ardal Cathal. His specialty is a Fiach, a hunter.

Nadia Nabakov: Diaghilev’s niece and is training to be Aongus Cathal. Kieran’s love interest.

AVALON: Mist Isle

Master Mifune: Friend of Brian and trains Brian back to full Aongus Cathal powers. Master Mifune is in Avalon. He tries to keep it a secret that he loves The Lady of the Lake, but everyone knows it.

Lady of the Lake: Una Boru, eldest of the six Boru sisters and Goddess of Nature

Calibur: Only in Avalon can you find Calibur to make swords. This special metal to combat evil was created by Merlin and The Lady of the Lake


Caleb Keane: Vampire, friend of the Bene Lumen and helps Brian.

Anna Hoffman: Turned to the darkness over 150 years ago in NYC. Caleb fell in love with her. Has conflicts with the Illuminatii.

Silas Dyre: Nasty Vampire, changed Anna into a vampire. He is also a high ranking member of the Illuminatii


Jennifer Sult: Aongus Cathal. Will become Tiarnan and CuCullen’s right hand person.

Sgt. McGavin: is a Giolla, his mother was an Aongus Cathal, never went to Samhain, but his mother shared much knowledge with him.

Giolla: Normal people who support the Bene Lumen

 Other Characters:

Gundrun Ure: Witch, and Caleb’s love interest

Una Ure: Daughter of Gundren, has some powers, and will eventually go to Samhain.




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