A New Year’s Message from John

Hello All,

Tonight is New Year’s eve, tomorrow begins 2015. I have no philosophical message to bring, but my hubby does.

Below is a link to diagrammingsentences John’s blog where he spews out his thoughts, ideas, images about life and writing.

From John McCormick “Another Year”

If I have a message it is this: Happy New Year and go to amazon or barnes&noble(there is a review), or smashwords to go get a copy of The Bene Lumen Chronicles by John R. McCormick. Start the New Year with a great read… happy new year


Cold here in TN time to snuggle up and read Bene Lumen Chronicles!

Ok, so it has been very cold here in Tennessee. It is not to say it doesn’t get cold here, but our usual time is January/February—-It is November! That said the weather definitely gets you in the mood for Thanksgiving and soon Christmas. I haven’t been blogging a lot these days, as school has been quite busy and by the time I get back…well…let’s just say my mind is not able to communicate to anyone let alone put 2 words together. BUT today is different. Performances are done! I was very stressed out about that and today I am with my hubby just chillin’ watching cooking channel and having a Zen morning.

I also know i haven’t been blogging about The Bene Lumen Chronicles: Samhain School of Ancient Knowledge, so please find below a scene from the book regarding Christmas time (yah yah I know it is Thanksgiving time, but I liked this part…so I am giving ye all a pre-Christmas time feel):


At least now it was Christmas time, and like every other Christmas season since the time of Merlin it snowed on Samhain leaving the island covered in white and everyone generally in a good mood. Merlin thought Christmas wasn’t Christmas unless there was pure white snow covering the ground. Long ago he had made an easy peace with the Christian religion, which he slowly saw replace his own beliefs in his own land, and even learned to enjoy some of their rituals and holidays, especially Christmas. Christmas in Merlin’s opinion was a time in which humanity almost achieved grace, and anyone who inspired that sort of behavior in humanity was worthy of respect. For the students of Samhain they had a three-week winter break during this time of year.

Most of the students left the island for home to be with friends and family during this time. All that remained of the student body and the rest of those who lived on Samhain were some of the cooks and cleaners, most of the teachers, who had come to think of Samhain as their home, Headmaster Fergus, and a few of the students, including Liam, Kieran and Selena, whose parents or guardians were too busy to celebrate the season, and those who, for all intents and purposes, didn’t have a home. Walking from Morgana House to CuChulainn Liam was awed by the serene beauty, which the snow seemed to give the landscape. It covered the roofs of the buildings, leaves on the trees, bushes, and most of the ground giving the whole place an almost magical feel and look, which was a difficult effect considering this was a mist Isle. He felt like he was in a snow globe that had just been thoroughly shaken and had its fake snow dispersed through the watery scene. Getting to CuChulainn House he entered then walked into the common room, which was decorated with lush green wreaths, red bows, and white lights, where he saw Selena and Kieran sitting together on a leather sofa in front of a roaring fire.

Review in….4 out 5!

It has been a while since my last post. Just been really busy at work, but I saw that The Bene Lumen Chronicles got 4/5 stars on Barnes & Noble!!! Just had to share with y all:

**** Reviewed by Karen Pirnot for Readers’ Favorite The Bene Lumen C

Reviewed by Karen Pirnot for Readers’ Favorite

The Bene Lumen Chronicles: Samhain School of Ancient Knowledge is an exciting young adult book by author John R. McCormick. It details the ongoing battle between the Bene Lumen (the forces of good) and the Illuminati (the forces of evil). Sixteen-year-old Kiernan and his younger brother Liam live a sheltered life in Maine with their widowed father Brian CuCullen. Brian makes the abrupt decision that the family will be moving so that the boys can attend a special school in Scotland. The school is one which trains children in various forms of supernatural skills. Although reluctant to leave their friends and school activities, the boys soon learn that both their father and their deceased mother, Siobhan, attended the school and were considered the best students ever. Furthermore, the school has several past celebrities which were thought to be fictional characters, Merlin and Sir Arthur among them.

Character development in The Bene Lumen Chronicles is great and young adults will certainly develop a sense of identification with both male and female characters. Even with their superhuman qualities, Liam and Kiernan have normal adolescent fears and anxieties as well as the ongoing need for socialization via games of physical and mental skill which help to build a sense of personal identity. Brian CuCullen initially appears as a somewhat weak parent figure, but we later learn he just may well be the strongest of the entire group assembled at Samhain. When the forces of evil decide to launch an all-out attack to destroy the CuCullen family, author McCormick puts everyone into action mode. Futures will be determined in a single act of bravery or cowardliness. This is a great book for teens who need to discover some sense of identity through exploration of diverse ways of thinking and acting.

Nothing new under the sun

I know it has been a while since I have blogged. Sometimes you just have to take a break. Tonight I began to consider the following…

Though some might think that the King Arthur Legend story line has been overdone….I just don’t think so. In John’s Bene Lumen Chronicles he connects the old with the new. As told through the lens of 2 boys, in addition to 1 father the scope of the work shows diversity of KAL (King Arthur Legend) plot and characters. The Bene Lumen Chronicles: Samhain School of Ancient Knowledge presents a school where generations of Bene Lumen have been taught how to utilize their skills—-I know wait a second sounds vaguely familiar? BUT if you go ahead and read this you will find an elegant and unique world where there exists a teenage spy ghost, a young pubescent boy who seems to be the next “Merlin,” a vampire with a soul, a teenage boy who shines as the next “Arthur,” John_Graphic with quote

and finally a father who presents himself as the unique connection between these 2 boys.

Seriously….I urge you all to check this book out. You can go to amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and smashwords.com to purchase it either paperback or ebook. Or take a peek at some of the chapters on this blog and you might discover that there is something new under, over, and beyond the sun…


RIP Williams

It is so very weird. One minute you recognize this human being who on the surface seems ok, no worries, except for the usual things that occur in life from love to misfortune to being successful to being fired from a job…the list goes on. And then there are those whose life is so mysteriously full of pain and burden that they do not know how to process it – – I have known persons in my life who have taken their own lives and in back of your mind you always think “could someone have saved you” “could I have been there?” Depression is such a real thing. I have witnessed it first hand and the person who is depressed is not easily swayed to get “out of it,” as though there is this magical way to do so.

Anyhow…RIP Robin Williams and below is John’s note from his writers blog, http://www.diagrammingsentences.wordpress.com



The news of Robin Williams suicide was jarring. He was almost stereotypical in that he was a comedian forever mired in depression. Groucho Marx, one of the most brilliant comedians there ever was, was known for his dour and depressed off screen personality. There was a story about him touring Wall Street. They brought him to the the balcony to view the floor of the stock exchange. Now in the 1920s he took a bath when the stock fell and he never forgot that fact. Here he was staring at the stock floor the men working their asses off buying and selling stocks. Some of them noticed Groucho and pointed at him. He took advantage of this and starting to make quips and make them laugh. Suddenly, everyone was watching him and laughing. After ten minutes he stopped and people went back to work. Groucho for his part turns to his tour guide and says: I feel better because I know I just cost some smuck a fortune. Now I’m even with Wall Street.

There are other famous comedians with similar stories and similar problems of depression. Bert Williams was a black vaudeville comedian who many thought was the funniest man alive. WC Fields said that he was the funniest man alive and the saddest man who ever lived. I guess what I’m saying is I hope there is laughter in the afterlife and Robin Williams adds to it.