Important things to know: Houses & Terms





Houses & Terms to Know!



Tamo House: Ardal Cathal, Thinkers, and Miscellaneous Skills

CuChulainn House: Angus Cathal, Top of the Ardal Cathal

Morgana House: Casters, Charmers, and Conjurers

Sybil House: Seers and Prophets



Ardal Cathal: Warrior

Aongus Cathal: The strongest warriors

Tiarnan: They are the top of the Aongus

Cathal; the most powerful

Fiach: Hunter and Tracker

Niall: Fighters and Bodyguards

Eadach: Patrols the waters and waterways

Giaolla: Civilians who support and help the Bene Lumen


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