Tea & Writing 2

Well this morning I am drinking my Indian Spice tea. And again my tastes begin to translate the story in my head. So from the last blog entry I gave you all a snippet from my new story it continues like this:

“Clara! Are you home? It’s Akiko”

Akiko was now my guardian. My mother adored her and she became my second mom. Actually, she will be my guardian until I come of age. I am now 17 and will not be fully allowed to own the house or anything until I turn 18. I mean, seriously, what will one year do to make it seem that I am older or wiser? But I love Akiko and do not mind that she is my legal guardian. As a matter of fact I feel more than ever I am in need of my mother.

Opening up the door there was Akiko with all types of goodies. I barely could see her face as boxes and boxes were covering almost half her small body.

“I got you things you might need. Cakes to imagehonor your mother who image imageloved sweet things. Sausages to honor your father who loved spicy things. You know your family really had a yin and yang thing goin’ on.” Akiko whose smile lifted anyone’s sad spirits was drenched from head to foot as it was raining non stop now for days.

“I swear if it doesn’t stop raining we will soon be flooded. Do you know about 15 miles from here the town of Henderson was flooded? Anyhow, try the sweet dumplings, they are really good,” Akiko brightly and cheerily said.

“Akiko, can you tell me anything about the Calligraphy pen and rice paper you gave me?”

Akiko stopped what she was doing and for the first time in my life I saw her look intensely serious. Her face I thought only had two expressions: happy and happily happy. Even when my mother died, she tried to make me feel as though everything was going to be ok.

“Didn’t I tell you to wait to open it until Naoki arrived?”

“Yes, but well, it was strange, I felt the urge to hold the pen and the funny thing was it seemed as though the pen was drawing itself. I know, crazy huh?!”

Akiko smiled, “Yah, crazy! Well, don’t worry Naoki is coming by tomorrow. Do you have his room ready?”

“Yes, it was dad’s old study, his old typewriter is still on the desk.”

“Good. That is a nice room. It always feels good entering that room, don’t you think?”

“Yes, come to think about it…yah, I always do feel good in there. I sometimes sit down at the desk and do some work. As a matter of fact that is where I opened mom’s box.”

“Well, then it is also a safe room,” Akiko said with a firm nod of the head.

“What do you mean by that?”

“That you felt safe after your travels into the Land of Tomorrow” quipped Akiko

“What? Huh? Say that again?” Her answer took me a bit by surprise.

“Clara Mai. Tomorrow all will make sense. But tonight let us enjoy some good tea and sweets.”

The Land of Tomorrow? What is she kidding? Then again maybe I wasn’t dreaming? Maybe the place I went to was real? But how? Oh, my head is spinning, but I will trust Akiko whose smile conquers all and will enjoy tea, sweets, and sitting on the sofa watching old movies with Akiko.

While Clara Mai fell asleep on the sofa, Akiko saw the box on the table. Carefully opening it and taking the rice paper out. She unrolled the paper softly and gently until the voice of Tomoe, an onna-bugeisha was heard.

“Do you think she is ready?” said Tomoe whose long white hair came popping out of the rice paper along with her naginata.

“She is of age. She is 17 and both Brenainn and Amaterasu have passed through the winding waters of Tazawa. They soon will need her to help them fully pass to the other side.”

“She has no idea, though, of her lineage and of her purpose. Brenainn and Amaterasu loved her and nurtured her but never prepared her for what she is meant to perform.” Said Tomoe

“Sometimes things do not go as planned, you of all people should know this.” Said Akiko.

Tomoe looked at Akiko very carefully and then said, “Be aware Akiko, you are in this world to not only take care of Mai’s life, but to make sure you along with Naoki train her to become the Senshi, and not just any ordinary Senshi, but one’s whose life is touched by the sun. Just make sure that when Naoki arrives he also knows his place to teach Mai the meaning of the ink.”

“Yes, my lady, I will obey. When do we present her to you? And what of teaching her the dance?”

“The dance comes last. As for when you present her to me it shall be under the full moon of the eighth month during Tzukimi. Now can you give me a dumpling or 2 before I go back. They are so good.” Tomoe soon took the dumplings and munched on them with rigor and delight. “Mmm, so good” And then she went into the rice paper, but before she was fully immersed, you could see her finger pierce through the paper pointing at Akiko, “Do not let me down Akiko. I am counting on you and on Mai!” Her finger then vanished like liquid on the paper.

This morning I chose Indian Spice and the new member of our family “Rocky,” a kitten that we saved on Friday is resting on the sofa while I write. Yah yah I am sucker for sick animals… This one so far is doing great!

Hope you all enjoy the continuation of my fairytale Ashita no ji: Land of Tomorrow


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