Aahh Summer….


Please consider going to Amazon.com to purchase

  • Hot Jazz & Cold Bodies in NOLA — vampires, detectives, New Orleans heat…Oh My!
  • Murder In Cheyenne- Pinkertons, vigilance group, and hangings
  • also please consider : Bene Lumen Chronicles!!!!

Over the Summer John is working on “The Parting Glass” is a P.I. Story set in Boston 1980’s

Detective plot stories have always fit John’s style of writing. Though I haven’t read it yet I am sure it is made up of fast and snappy dialogue and since it is set in the town he grew up in the language will have a real sense to it. Meaning the rhythm and nuance of people, place, situation, and/or even energy will be genuine. I love his detective stories as a matter of fact The Bene Lumen Chronicles was a bit of a departure for John, but even in the story there lies mystery and intrigue reminiscent of his detective stories. He does love to bring in supernatural occurrences as they intensify the plot as well as gives the reader a great way to emotionally involve themselves with fantastic characters who are powerful, fearless, and magical and at the same time vulnerable, skeptical, and sensitive.

One last thing I hope to put on Kindle soon is a story he had written a while back but is revising set in the gilded age New York—this is action pact with supernatural scenes, hallucinations set by drinking absinthe, secret societies, and the backdrop of New York City in the 1880’s.

Both John and Lorcan (our son) are keeping themselves busy with writing this summer! And even I just completed revisions for my dance textbook. Now if I can only lose 10 more pounds I will have had a Summer success!


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