From Prologue of “Bene Lumen Chronicles”

Below is taken from the prologue where we read of Siobhan’s sacrifice for her children to live. Being a mother I can understand where Siobhan was coming from. Yes she was fighting evil, yes she made a bargain with evil, but all to save her children from being devoured. This is an old tale that we have read in many legends, myths, and children’s books from Grimm’s fairy tales to Harry Potter. The tale that the mother dies or the mother and father die, but to sacrifice themselves to help their children. And then the child or children are left to live without their mother or father or both. What happens to them? Do they become stronger human beings? Do they, too, have courage? It has been a year since my father passed. He lived, though, a good long life, he was not beaten by the devil, though, he had many demons. He was beaten by age and by his mind that remembered too many things. When I saw my dad pass I saw that he was ready. He was in such pain. I sometimes think that my hubby wrote this to help him understand the passing of his own mother whom he did not have a chance to see before she left this world and went onto the next. The idea of sacrifice is so strong an emotion. John has sacrificed so much for his love of writing, and all his tales have some sort of homage to either his mother or father. So, when you read the passage below consider the idea of sacrifice and how best you can go become a better person:

Since Siobhan had concentrated most of her attention on Baal, Orochi finally defeated the whirlwind but was tired and Baal looked as if he had expended a great amount of energy fighting Siobhan. He stopped the snake demon that wanted to rush recklessly forward after her. Baal stared Orochi down calming him and regaining control of him and the situation.

“Siobhan, let the snake kill you painlessly and I give you my word that I will not kill your children once we are done here,” Baal said in a soothing, charming voice.

“How can I trust you, Baal,” she desperately asked as she slowly got up.

“You can’t trust me. But you have weakened both of us and I am willing to bet that your children are protected by the best Ardal Cathal you have left in this area, though not the best you have,” he said. “If we continue this battle in the end Orochi and I will prevail and you will die. Yes, you will cause us more trouble, more pain, which will in turn make both of us even more angry than we are now. If this occurs I will gladly help Orochi do away with your children’s protection then watch him devour them whole. But if this was up to him…”

Siobhan faced turned white at the thought of her children being devoured by Orochi. Baal noticed this. He returned himself to his human form in order to present a normal face to her then continued speaking: “let me kill you then and we will both leave this place and be on our way to where we must go. Your children will not be harmed.”

Siobhan was completely exhausted now beyond putting up a good fight. She stood up and for a moment thought of continuing the battle, but she knew she couldn’t win. She could feel her body weakened and shaking; the energy to even summon another lightening bolt was way beyond her now. Her children, though, she couldn’t let them down, but could she trust Baal to keep his word? She looked at him. He nodded his head, as if he was responding to the thoughts in her mind. She nodded back at him, thought of her children whom she loved, then of her husband who she hoped would not allow her death to change him then let Baal know that she was trusting him with another more pronounced nod in his direction.

“It is a deal then, Siobhan. You have made the right choice. I’ll do this myself,” he said then unleashed a bolt of blue negative energy hitting her squarely on the chest and sending her off the promontory and into the rough water below.

“Let us kill her children as revenge for her attack on us. I’m hungry; I want to eat them,” hissed Orochi.

“No, I gave her my word,” Baal said.

“But she is Bene Lumen and we are Illuminatii,” hissed Orochi.

“That doesn’t make a difference to me. I may be evil but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep my word now and again.”


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