To move forward or to move on

It is time to start another book. My choices are simple: write the next book in The Bene Lumen Chronicles in hopes of the first selling better than it is now and getting the okay for another book in the series, or to write a gritty police detective novel set in Boston in the 1980s?

Research needs to be started, plot contemplated, characters given a life. Yet, I am stuck between which book to write. I know I have to write one of them, but which one. I’ve heard the story of how the second or third in the series of books does better than the first and suddenly the whole series is finally selling and doing better. Admittedly, I admire those writers with the ability to gird the loins and keep going forward because they believe they have written a good series and need to complete it. I believe in The Bene Lumen Chronicles, but sans agent it becomes burdensome to sell the idea, the faith in the series, over and over again.

So I need to make up my mind. I know it’s not a Hamlet-like dilemma, though it may mean the end of The Bene Lumen Chronicles, which would be painful. I know I should let the summer play out and weight my options then. To write The Bene Lumen Chronicles or to write a police detective story, that is the question. Oh, how I hate to answer questions.


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